World environment day Senegal


Raising awareness on engine pollution

Jun. 5 2020

Each year, the 5 of June we celebrate the World Environment Day, but the actual context does not allow our teams to participate to usual events organized for the occasion. The CCTVA, Automotive Vehicles Technical Control Centre of Dakar has organised an awareness campaign to alert users on their engine maintenance.

During the technical control, an information note concerning the vehicle’s pollution level is given to each owner. However, this note is not determining a counter inspection for the most polluting vehicles. With the willing to raise awareness on the pollution and engine maintenance, our experts have given technical advices to each polluting vehicle’s owner.


The absence of engine maintenance could generate an excessive oil consumption resulting in a power loss and an increase in fuel consumption.

Numerous impacts:

  • Environmental pollution impacting citizen’s health, fauna and flora
  • Increase of consumable expenses
  • Possible loss of the engine
  • Engine overheating increasing fire risk

Engine maintenance is less expensive than the cost of consumables, a new engine, or even a new vehicle. 

It’s really important to understand and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance advices and realise a regular maintenance of the engine to reduce the environmental impact.